Elegant and Modern Contemporary Style Furniture


This is the time to create the impression of “modern” in every room in your home. The existence of a closet or storage rack is certainly very important, you can store various collections of favorite items in it. It even includes favorite books to make them easy to find when needed.
Not only putting forward function, an aesthetic touch that can add comfort and a neat and modern impression, are important things that also need to be considered.

Here are some models of bookshelves and cabinets or storage shelves in contemporary style, which can make the interior of the house look more modern, elegant, and always looks neat.
72 Inch Bookcase Full Metal

Wrapped in a full metal body and backless design, this storage cabinet is perfect for you to place in the corner of the room, or a place that makes it easier to handle its functions. Best arcades, Luxury, modern, and the impression of a very well-organized room, will appear with the presence of this metal bookcase.

60 Inch Tempered Glass Bookcase

Bookcase made by Monarch Specialties Inc. This is perfect as an additional modern accent to your office space. But not an ordinary office, a home office alias that you design yourself at home so that some of the tools and work documents you have are not scattered anywhere.

Ulysses Tempered Glass Storage Rack

Chrome accents with glass sides and 5 open shelves, perfect for placing your favorite items. This Ulysses Tempered Glass Bookcase made by monarch can give a modern and stylish impression.

Six-Shelf Modern Bookcase

This storage rack which has a dark brown/dark color looks very artsy with its modern design. 6 shelves with a backless design give a luxurious and elegant impression to every room in your home.

Denise Austin Home Mercia 4-Shelf

If you want an antique and modern impression, the Home Mercia 4-Shelf Bookcase is the right choice. 4 open shelves with its unique iron side design, this minimalist bookcase model is not only unique, but also has a very artsy model or shape.

4 Modern Minimalist Sofa Ideas For Small Living Room

Choosing a sofa that is suitable for a small living room, of course, is easy and difficult. Sofa models for small living rooms are very difficult to find, especially those that have the model and type, as well as the appearance that suits us.

Choosing a sofa model certainly cannot be separated from the choice of interior style. The minimalist interior style that has become the standard and trend of homes today, inevitably forces us to use the same standard of furniture with the choice of style that is also used. This is intended so that there is harmony and balance between form and function.

Minimalist design may prioritize function over aesthetics, but that doesn’t mean eliminating it altogether. A modern minimalist sofa for a small living room can be another way to get around the lack of space availability in a small space.

A minimalist sofa is also a supporting element of a minimalist interior style to show simplicity in the overall decoration of the room. Coupled with the existence of a coffee table that also has the right model and design, the use of this furniture will create a positive atmosphere in the house.
Minimalist design that is not adventurous, simple, clean, flexible and elegant, is a reflection of a modern lifestyle. The choice of a sofa for the living room or family room that is in harmony with the interior style is certainly highly recommended.

Here are 4 choices of modern minimalist sofas for small living rooms. A simple sofa model, but also trendy and stylish.
• Modular sofa
• Rolf Benz Sofa
• Cube Wooden